It does not matter if you run a small or big pallet manufacturing business in a low- or high-cost region. We have everything from small family companies to large corporations among our customers. Several of our customers with small businesses have invested step-by-step in IMH™ pallet machinery and by time gained a very productive and successful wooden pallet manufacturing business with our flexible pallet machine system, mostly with a short pay-off time.

IMH Machinery AB™ establishes long-term relationships with our customers in order to give them the best opportunity for a successful investment in the long term. Time passes and the conditions changes, which could mean that the range and types of wooden pallets your machinery once was designed and set up to efficiently produce could be completely different within a few years or the competition could have grown tougher. Then we could provide your pallet machines with suitable equipment and level of automation to help you to keep up with your actual situation.

Reliability, easy handling and good support are some of the key features that have given us the possibility to provide and secure successful investments to many different types of customers and pallet manufacturing operations worldwide. IMH Machinery AB™ have many satisfied customers, from northern Finland to Dubai in the south and from France and Portugal in the west to the Russian Republic of Tatarstan in the east.

We could make a long list of various customer references but we suggest that you contact us for a discussion about your needs and wishes based on your circumstances. Then we can look for a suitable reference plant and maybe visit it, so you can form your own opinion about IMH™ pallet machines and it’s benefits, if you are not already convinced that flexibility, reliability and cooperation is the key to long-term success.

IMH™Let our flexibility and experience be your success in wooden pallet manufacturing !