IMH™ has the world’s most flexible standardized machine system for pallet manufacturing. The plant layout and level of automation can be adapted to fit your demands in the most cost efficient and suitable way for your operation. It doesn’t matter if you run a small or big business in a low- or high-cost region. Our modular pallet machinery suits almost everyone. Due to the standardized mechanical design and modular units, our pallet machinery can easily be adapted or customized for special demands and are also useable for nailing of other wooden products.

During the years we have implemented other fastening techniques in our pallet manufacturing machines. Besides the hydraulic nailing technique we also have experience of automized screw and glue technology. IMH Machinery AB™ uses these techniques when we design, produce and sell machinery for wooden pallet box side production.

IMH™ has a wide range of options to provide our modular standard machine system with. Many of these options are also suitable for other brands of pallet making machinery. There is everything from fully automatic feeding of different pallet components to supervising detection and control systems available.

IMH Machinery AB™ also has a unique patent for equipment to use when making pallets with wooden plugs or dowels. IMH™ is ready for the futures environmentally friendly options when it comes to wooden pallet production.

Contact us to get some ideas about how we can improve your pallet manufacturing business in the most suitable way for you, in order to get the most out of it with our experience and solutions.

IMH™Let our experience and solutions be your success in wooden pallet production !