Block cutters

IMH™ optimizing block cutters cuts wooden blocks in very precise lengths and thanks to the intelligent optimizing program it is possible to do this within a given / permitted tolerance deviation for the blocks length in order to reduce the material waste to almost nothing. Different lengths of blocks can alternately be cut out of the same block material. IMH™ block cutters can, upon request and under certain conditions, also be used for cutting of boards and stringers.

All our three standard block cutters are available in right- as well as left-versions in order to match different layout solutions. They all have the optimizing function and the general capacity is 55 blocks per minute at 100% utilization, when the average block length is 125 mm.

Generally the maximum height of the block material is 100 mm and the maximum width 150 mm.

Two of the standard IMH Opti-cutter™ have different length of the block material feeding unit, the OPK 3900 and OPK 5800, which means that the maximum wooden beam length is either 3900 mm or 5800 mm. The third IMH Opti-cutter™, the OPK 5800-DD, have a divided drive in the feeding unit, which makes it possible to feed and cut 2 wooden beams with different widths, which for instance is required when producing EUR-pallets. The maximum block material length is shorter when cutting 2 sizes of material but still 5800 mm when cutting a single wooden beam.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information about our intelligent and flexible block cutters.

IMH Opti-cutter™The most economical and intelligent choise for quality block production !