About us


IMH Machinery AB is the producer of the original IMH hydraulic pallet nailing machines. The first IMH machine was presented 1992. They can quickly be reconfigured for various wooden pallet types and sizes, enabling our customers to meet the rapidly increasing demand of custom sized pallets. The machines are designed for industrial production and used by all sizes of pallet manufacturers. Thanks to continuous investments in R&D enhancing hydraulic-, pneumatic- and electrical performance, the machines have become very efficient and appreciated for their flexibility, high capacity, quality and reliability.

At the start our core markets were Sweden and the Nordic countries, and already before year 2000 IMH had become the leading supplier in the region. Since then, our export has increased rapidly in Europe and other parts of the world. Today, IMH is one of the leading suppliers in the world offering a width of machines ranging from simple and more labor intensive stand-alone machines to fully automated production lines. Our machine setup is flexible, and therefore we can adapt our machines to meet each customer’s unique needs maximizing throughput and ROI.

For IMH focus has always been on building long term relations with our customers. Therefore technical support, spare parts supply and upgrades is at the core of our business. Many of our customers have today run the same IMH machines for more than 25 years.

We are helping the pallet manufacturing business worldwide become more efficient, economical, and sustainable. By constantly developing our products in close collaboration with our customers, we are continuing our history into the future.