IMH Machine Lines

IMH has a complete product range of wooden pallet manufacturing machines that is based on a unique, standardized, modular design with an almost endless flexibility and expandability. Our pallet machinery and pallet production lines are very suitable, due to their flexibility, for the manufacturing of many different types and sizes of wooden pallets, 2-way stringer pallets, 4-way block pallets, perimeter base pallets etc. You name it – We nail it!

The quality of IMH pallet machinery is high which gives you pallet machines with a long life, a high level of operational reliability and a very high quality of the hydraulically nailed pallets with clinched top decks. We consider this to be very important, as pallet manufacturers generally have to deal with very tough demands from their customers.
All our machines and standard units, like nail boxes and nailing tools, are as far as possible fully tested at our facility before delivery. We build the complete pallet manufacturing lines and produces pallets with them at full capacity, in order to make a fast turnkey delivery at your site. We also prefer to give your staff the proper education already when we test run the pallet machines in our workshop, just to minimize startup time on site.

You will find detailed descriptions of our individual pallet machines and the pallet production lines in the links below. There is also a wide range of various options and material handling equipment available to facilitate and make your pallet production operation more effective and ergonomic.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our different products since we would be delighted to answer questions of any kind.
IMH – The most economical and flexible choise for quality wooden pallet production !