Deck machines

Our deck machines produce top decks for 4-way pallets or skid pallets. They are equipped with IMH™ hydraulic nailing tools and pneumatic nail boxes. This nailing system has many benefits when it comes to production of high quality decks or skids and these are some of the features that we consider important for an efficient and sustainable production of quality wooden pallets:

• Each individual hydraulic nail tool handles large variations in material dimensions while maintaining each nail-heads depth in relation to the material surface.
• Automatic hydraulic clinching of the top deck nails across the stringerboards wood fibers.
• The possibility to use and easily fill up with standard bulk nails in the nail box.
• Detection of that the nails have arrived in each nail tool with auto-repeat picking if not.
• Easy and flexible configuration in control panel with possibility to save the settings for each top deck or skid pallet type.

IMH™ deck machines are available in right- as well as left-versions in order to match different layout solutions. Due to their modular design they can be used as separate devices or together with suitable conveyors or pallet stackers. They can also work as devices in a pallet production line and always with an appropriate level of automation for your needs. Any of our deck machines together with a BBM™ (Bottom Board Machine) forms a highly efficient 2-way line for production of skid and stringer pallets. Read more about this in the Pallet Production Lines section.

We have two main types of standard deck machines. The Deck Machine DM™ and the Super Deck Machine SDM™ that have a higher capacity thanks to the chain conveyor feed of the deckboards to a point close to the nail position where the deck board carrier gets the boards to the final position for nailing and clinching. Both of these deck machine types have our hydraulic clinching system as well as two separate hydraulic drive systems for individual positioning of the stringerboards (or stringers) versus the deckboards in nailing position.

All IMH™ standard machines are based on the 1500-series which means that they generally can produce wooden pallets or top decks etc. with a width of roughly 1500 mm (60 inch). For several of our machine types there are optional widths available in the 2000-, 2800-, and 3000-series. Please contact us for more detailed information about our different series.

IMH™The most flexible choice for high quality deck and skid pallet production!