Pallet production lines

IMH™ wooden pallet production lines are very suitable, due to their flexibility, for manufacturing of many different types and sizes of wooden pallets, 2-way skid and stringer pallets, 4-way block pallets, perimeter base pallets etc. Our pallet production lines suit almost everyone. Thanks to their design and modular units, they can easily be designed for your facilities or customized for special demands and equipped with appropriate options for your needs.

Since IMH™ has the world’s most flexible machine system for pallet manufacturing, so the plant layout and level of automation can be adapted to fit your operation in the most cost efficient and suitable way. This in combination with our wide range of options means that you could get everything from separate production units to completely bayed pallet production lines with manually, semi-automatic or fully automatic loaded machines. There is also a possibility to invest step-by-step in IMH™ pallet machinery and by time gain a very productive pallet production line.

There are 3 different types of finishing modules available for our IMH Kombi-Lines™, branding-, chamfering- and corner cutting stations. In this section we presents 3 main types of IMH™ pallet production lines, which of course can be adapted to suit your operation in the best way.

• The KL-2™, a 2-way pallet line for production of skid and stringer pallets.
• The KL-3™, a 4-way pallet line with all finishing stations, for production of block pallets.
• The KL-4™, a line with all finishing stations, for production of both 2-way and 4-way pallets.

All IMH™ standard machines are based on the 1500-series which means that they generally can produce wooden pallets or top decks etc. with a width of roughly 1500 mm (60 inch). For several of our machine types there are optional widths available in the 2000-, 2800-, and 3000-series. Please contact us for more information about the possibilities to create a pallet production line that fits your circumstances.

IMH™The most flexible and cost efficient choice for high quality wooden pallet production !