A leading supplier of pallet machinery

Quality and perfection

IMH Machinery is one of the leading suppliers in the world when it comes to hydraulic nailing machines for pallet manufacturing. Thanks to long experience of constructing, developing, producing and starting up machines, our products are known for their high quality, flexibility, capacity, and long life time.


Quick change over

Individual nail guns


In-house production

To ensure high quality of our components, all from welded structures to vital machine parts such as gears, nailing guns etc are produced in-house. Remaining components are sourced from high quality suppliers.

Capacity testing and education before and after delivery

When machines are ready, our customers are invited to take part during capacity testing in our factory before delivery. The customer´s operators will also receive the 1st part of their two step education from our engineers. This education is carried out to make sure the operators know how to handle the machines out of a safety perspective and that they also learn the advantages and capacity of IMH machines, so that they can run them at highest efficiency.

After the machines have been installed at site, IMH engineers will do the 2nd part of the education for the operators. When they have done both parts of the education, they receive an IMH Operator Certificate.

Quick change over

IMH Machines are known for their quick change over to different pallets sizes. This can be done manually, semi automated or fully automated.


After delivery, IMH´s support team will help you with services, spare parts and other support needed. All our machines are connected to Ethernet and therefore we can support you remotly. Spare parts are sent out by express.